Fix iTunes Library Artwork Automatically

If you have an iPod or iPhone you probably have iTunes. And you also probably have a ton of music imported in your iTunes. Well this is because you can take your music with you on your iPhone and iPod. You like listening to your music on the go and it’s a great way to enjoy times alone on the go and perhaps even spending it with your friends

But the thing that gets really, really annoying is when you look at your iPod or iPhone and you notice that there’s no album cover artwork. It only shows a great square with a lighter shade of gray music note. The typical default album cover to music iTunes can’t recognize what you get in iTunes and when you sync your iPhone and iPod you take that same ugly gray music note with you. That sucks! You have a lot of these gray music notes in your iTunes and they look the same on your iPod and iPhone. Wouldn’t you rather look at beautiful album cover artwork?

You skip through and through and everyone single one of your songs is gray album cover with gray music notes. OK once in a while you have that beautiful album cover from your favorite band but the majority of your music is without album covers. What a shame because music sounds even better when you have the rockin’ album covers that go with that music. It’s like a perfect combination. I’m a very visual person and I like to see what I’m listening to but all I see is gray, gray, gray nothing else. Not digging the gray!!

You must fix this annoying situation as it’s a huge problem for you. You have an very high end tool like the iPhone or iPod but you are not using it to the fullest with all it can do for you. The album cover artwork is KEY to your music and you must have it with you when you sync your music from your iTunes. You need to fix this problem and fix this problem now.

Can you do it by hand? Well yes you can add album cover artwork by hand but it’s too tedious and takes way too long to get them all in one by one. And if you have a huge iTunes library then think of spending several weeks to a month to add the album cover artwork by hand because it’s going to take a really long time. Remember you first have to find those album covers online then select the albums in iTunes then attach it. Now that will take way damn too long. You have much better things to do than sitting in front of the computer attaching artwork right? It’s just not doable.

What you want is something that can do it for you. Something that can automatically add album artwork to all your music in iTunes plus do a countless number of other fixes that your iTunes needs. Right? You need an amazing tool to get this problem fixed for you in your iTunes.

All you have to do is install the software on your computer and launch it. Then set up a couple of things in the software (it’s necessary to do this so it does the right fixes for you) then just let it run and do its magic to your iTunes. Go away. Depending on how much music you have you can set it up to do it’s thing overnight or just in a couple of hours. Then when you come back you’ll have a completely organized iTunes library. You’ll be so happy! Then sync your iPhone and or iPod to your organized iTunes then look at your music on your devices to see a whole new music collection. WOW, it’s pretty darn amazing!

These are all the things this cool program does to your iTunes:

1. Fix iTunes Cover Album Artwork

2. Removes Duplicate Songs

3. Fixes Misspelled Songs

4. Fills In Missing Artists, Years & Genres

5. It’s Completely All Automatic

Once I installed and ran this software I didn’t’ have to do anything to my iTunes by hand anymore. It does it for me all automatically. Every so often when I add a whole bunch of new music to my iTunes I run it so it does it’s fixes. After all I do like my music in iTunes fixed! And I’m sure you are going to like it that way too. Try it now because you will love it! Try it for free!!