Fix Your iTunes Music Library

iTunes is my best friend. I love music and I have tons of music in my iTunes. My entire collection of music that I have bought over the years has been loaded into my iTunes. I have been collecting music all my life. Well for 2/3’s of my life that is. But in reality iTunes is my worst enemy. I have such a disorganized iTunes that it makes me really stressed out. Truth is though I would love to find a quick and easy way to fix my disorganized iTunes and to put it back in complete working order.

Once I have my computer launched the first thing I open is my iTunes. I use iTunes daily it’s pretty much my life, music that is. It has my entire collection in one place in my iTunes on the big computer. But there’s something that really frustrates me though and that is because I have songs that are misspelled or aren’t titled. There’s other problems like a lot of my music is missing the beautiful album cover artwork and there are a ton of duplicate songs in my iTunes, which are taking up so much space! You know when I buy an album from Madonna for example the Like A Virgin Album. Then I also have the Immaculate Collection and GHV2 and Celebration her last greatest hits album. So this causes a problem because I have duplicate songs all over the place. Four versions of Like A Virgin in my iTunes, is too much. And it’s not just Madonna that I have done this with. I have tons of bands with this same scenario. So I have a lot of duplicate songs that I need to remove or set aside.

I have come to realize that I seriously need to fix my iTunes. It needs major fixing. I started researching programs to Fix Your iTunes Music Library and found a great software tool that does wonders to my iTunes library and fixes everything. I was wondering if I had to go through all my songs by hand and fix them. I was thinking that would really drive me ultra crazy. It just would not get done if I had to do it all by hand. It would take so much time and I have so much better things to do than sit in front of my computer and organize! Not!

I need a tool that can do all of the iTunes Fixes Automatically. All I want to do is launch a program on my computer my iTunes is on, click a couple of buttons, set a couple of things and let it run by itself. After extensive research online I found the best tool! It is exactly what I really wanted to Fix My iTunes Music Library. I first downloaded a free trial and ran it and I liked what it did so I had to get it and use it on my entire collection because it performed magic tricks on my collection. It was just amazing!

Now that I have ran this program to Fix My iTunes I am no longer frustrated at how messy it was. It’s completely changed my iTunes and I absolutely love it. All my songs have beautiful album cover artwork, no more misspelled songs or missing song details, no more duplicate iTunes songs. It’s all fixed. I highly recommend this tool for anyone into music, iTunes or if you have a lot of music in your iTunes.