Get the Answer to One of the Great World Mysteries – How Can I Get Free iTunes For My iPod?

Believe it or not, you can get free iTunes for your iPod! Most free tunes with other services tend to be songs that most people don’t like, that are simply meant for giveaways and don’t really do much to satisfy your musical desire. With iTunes, you can get the music you love, and you can get it for free!

We would be remiss to omit a word of warning. Illegal downloading has turned into a legal war between record companies and the customers. Downloading illegal iTunes is not something we advocate, nor would we give directions on how to do such a thing. There are plenty of ways to get free iTunes for your iPod – it’s just a matter of keeping your eyes open for the opportunities!

Here are a few ways to get your free iTunes for your iPod:

Many companies offer promotions for free songs on iTunes. These promotions usually run for a limited time, and involve certain artists who have been kind enough to offer their music for free to the public. You can find these free tunes by browsing through magazines, picking up flyers at grocery stores, and watching for the iTunes codes at the end of some television shows.

People Magazine often offers downloads for free, usually good for a week’s time. Pepsi has had a long-running iTunes promotion, where you can find winning caps on specially-marked Pepsi bottles, enter in the code, and get a free song to download. Several websites also offer free iPod downloads if you take their quizzes or surveys.

Some artists will offer free bonus songs if you purchase their albums on iTunes – that can be anywhere from one bonus track to a whole album for free, depending on how generous the artist is feeling! In this day and age, some artists are giving away their music for free. Look at their websites to see if they offer any iTunes vouchers or freebies that are capable of being loaded onto your iPod.

Some music industry sites have promoted the “song of the day” or “song of the week” downloads, where they offer a new single for free through iTunes. Check with your favorite record label or music industry website to find the instructions on how to take advantage of their offer.

The iTunes Music Store offers free downloads with your purchase of the iPod. The first time you activate your new device, you will be prompted to choose your free songs to add to your playlist.

The iPod will open up new horizons of music-listening, and iTunes is at the forefront of that adventure! By looking around carefully at promotions, giveaways and great deals on iTunes albums, you will soon find a goldmine of freebies racking up, answering the question “how can I get free iTunes for my iPod”, and giving you even more reasons to play with your new iPod!