iTunes 2 Free Download – iTunes 2 – More Excellent Than Its Predecessor

It is undeniable. Besides being a phenomenon, iTunes is the grandest gizmo in the entertainment world today. iTunes, the sidekick of iPod is also expanding its greatness. You could know how to download free iTunes just by visiting

iTunes 2 has a 10-band equalizer with more than 20 presets, so you could customize you own settings like if you want to shift from jazz to rock or to hip hop to classical music. It has a cross fader, and it brings fascinating transitions into your music world. There is also a new sound enhancer that gives depth and richness of good sound quality.

iTunes is being used by more than 6 million music lovers worldwide. The integration of iTunes 2 with iPod is flawless. In the first connection of your iPod to your Mac computer, all the songs and the playlists in your computer are downloaded automatically to your iPod. And it is updated whenever your iPod is plugged back into your Macintosh.

Enhanced Performance of iTunes

The burning of your favourite songs is much faster now. iTunes 2 do recognize MP3 CDs. The standard audio CD is just limited to 74 minutes of music, while MP3 files can hold up to 10 hours of music on just a single disc. MP3 CDs can be played on other Macs and PCs.

System Requirements

  • Hardware. iTunes is suitable with all Apple systems that has USB ports. If you have an iPod, your Macintosh computer must be equipped with a Firewire. For you to burn your favourite music, your personal computer should have a CD-RW drive. iTunes work with all Apple CD-RW drive.
  • System software. The Macintosh platform X v10.1 and later versions requires Mac OS X. While Mac OS 9 version requires Mac OS 9.2.1, Mac operating system 9.0.4 or its other later versions. To burn audio CD in Mac OS 9, you should have a Mac OS 9.1 or its other later versions.

Additional benefits from iTunes

You can download your favorite music, videos from concerts to music television (MTV), from photographs from friends and images that you find interesting and make a slide show and upload it again to the internet and share it with friends.

iTunes gives you the power to enjoy music at its summit. You could make a personalized digital music library for you to organize and play all your favorite high-grade MP3s with the simple drag-and-drop function. You could also rate songs, so you could pick what suits your mood at certain situations.

And additional benefits

  • You could quickly browse the whole music library by artist, genre or album;
  • You could encode up to 320 kbps for the finest MP3 sound quality;
  • You could burn CDs with just a click and get perfect results every time;
  • You could also pick any songs within seconds with the help of a real-time search engine;
  • You could also listen online to hundreds of internet radio stations and;
  • Create custom playlist with easy to use drag-and drop interface.

Visit internet forums or talk to your friends about the new wonders of iTunes. Downloading iTunes 2 is free, so don’t let it wait.