iTunes Media Player Advantages – Part 1

The iTunes player is the best application that will keep all your digital media files nicely organized. Moreover, you can definitely forget about the hundreds of CD’s scattered all throughout the place, because with iTunes all your music is in one place, and it is very easy to spot out your favorite artist, album or song. You may already be acquainted with the scenario of the pile of CD’s lying on your desk, and you looking for an artist or an album, and not being able to find it. All these problems are gone now! Moreover, thanks to the free iTunes codes that you can win online you can constantly enrich your musical library.

Every time you download a musical video from iTunes, which will immediately be added to your iTunes library. The application comes with a smart “search field” where you just need to type in the name of the album, or artist and you can instantly listen to the music that you want. Then, if you keep in touch with what is going on the Apple homepage, you can easily win free iTunes gift card codes that may have values starting from as low as $5 and up to $30 or even more. You can basically use this credit to import even more music for free from iTunes right into your application.

Here are some more extra advantages:

• With the help of Cover Flow browsing is made easier than ever. The covers of all your digital media albums will start shuffling before your eyes, and when you spot out something that you want to listen to, you simply push the play button. This is your musical library completely digitalized, offering you a new experience to browsing your CD’s.

• The app also comes with what is called Grid View- similar to what is “view icons list” in the Windows panel. You will see a list of thumbnails of all your covers/ albums; all you need to do is pick out the one that you want. The more the free iTunes codes that you can get your hands on, the greater the number of your albums will be, and of course the more the money that you can save!

• Then, you also have the “Album list view” option, which will display nicely all your albums with all the corresponding tracks and other details displayed (track length, name, etc.).

Enjoy all these advantages that iTunes Media player offers you!