Looking For Free Itunes Codes

Who doesn’t enjoy free products and services. Downloading free music using free ITunes codes is something most music lovers dream of doing. Itunes is one of the most popular websites for downloading music but it will cost you about a dollar a song. That can get awful expensive. You can also download games, audio books and IPod games but these will cost you even more. While the site has a lot to offer it can get real expensive real fast if you like to do a lot of downloading. So do you have any other options and if so what are they.

You have probably heard of sites that give away free ITunes codes but there is usually a catch involved so you need to be careful. As far as finding sites that give away tons of free ITunes codes there is really no such thing. Some companies have ITune promotions where you can get a free song if you enter the code found under the cap on a bottle of soda but you still have to buy the product so you really don’t come out ahead all that much. One other option is that you can try to find people who don’t care about the ITune codes and will give them away. There are sites and forums that are set up where people can trade different codes on a multitude of products and services. Try a search on Google by typing in “itune codes + forum” without the quotes and you will find people trading codes like it was some form of an underground economy. Be careful on these sites. You can get cheated so be sure and familiarize yourself with the site before taking any action.

Some people in an attempt to get free music resort to down loading songs from the various file sharing site that have sprung up across the internet. While these are for the most part free the are rife with viruses and spyware and the quality of the downloads leaves much to be desired. Thinking you are getting a steal by down loading songs, movies and books for free might come back to bite you when your computer crashes or your personal information on your hard drive has been compromised.

With all that being said if you are a true music or movie lover and want to download quality content you might have to acept the fact that you are going to have to pay for it. Be wary of sites that offer free ITune codes. There are reputable sites that will for a small monthly subscription fee allow you download an unlimited number of items from their collection. You can rest assured that you will get a quality download free from viruses and spy ware.