8 Ways To Buy Cheap (Or Free) Music

Let’s face it, we are in a recession that probably won’t be over for another two years. We have to find ways to get music from our favorite bands without stealing it. Although, some labels will probably be pissed at me for making this list because some of the ways could be considered “stealing” in their eyes. Again, we’re in a freakin’ recession!

Here are 8 Ways to Buy Cheap Music (or get it for FREE):

1. Download MP3’s instead of buying CDs. Most online retailers sell music for less if you just buy the download and not the actual CD. After all, the labels aren’t paying for the manufacturing and shipping of the actual music in this way. It’s only fair that you get the discount.

Amazon’s MP3 Page has daily, weekly and monthly specials with full albums going for $5 (including new releases). This is a must site for checking daily deals.

Shop at the iTunes Music Store. This is a no-brainer but make sure you check out the front page to see what deals are going on. Also, don’t forget to make the home page genre-specific to the music you like. It will help you find deals of bands you actually like.

2. Use Ebates.com. Chances are that you’re already buying music off Amazon and iTunes. With Ebates, you get money back for going through their site to buy from Amazon, iTunes or any other online retailer. Not only would you get that new release off of Amazon for $5, you will get cash back for going through Ebates. It’s FREE to register too! (I got a $36 check from Ebates last week for my purchases.)

3. Go to the library – What? Are you serious? Damn straight I am. You can go to your local library, get a free library card and checkout up to 10 CDs a day (at least here in Phoenix). Whatever you allegedly do with those CDs (burn them) is not my business. New releases come out every week. I have personally checked out CDs from A Day To Remember, All Time Low, Norma Jean, Tori Amos, Smashing Pumpkins, Jimmy Eat World, The Format and countless others. Yes, your local library does have “cool” music too.

4. Buy from independent record stores then sell them back. This is my favorite. Not only can you get lower priced new CDs (usually used CD stores carry new releases for less than other stores) at your local indie record store (find one near you here) but you can sell them right back to them when you’re done with them. And if you’re smart, you’ll opt for the store credit instead of taking cash because you’ll get a lot more back. The biggest store in the Phoenix, Tucson and Las Vegas areas are the Zia Records stores (pictured above).

You can also buy really cheap used CDs from Goodwill or Salvation Army stores. Yes, you can find brand new CDs for.50 cents to $2. Oftentimes, you can sell them to your local indie store for more than you paid for them (did I say that?).

5. Use eBay.com Most CDs that weren’t released during the current year can be bought for $3.01. Why $3.01? Most eBay sellers charge $3 to ship CDs (don’t buy from anyone that charges more) and you can win the auction for under.99 cents most of the time or even a penny. DO NOT BID ON THE ITEM YOURSELF. Use a sniper program called Gixen.com. It’s 100% free to use and it will place your bid on any item within seconds of the closing time. This keeps you and others from outbidding each other and paying more than you should. I’ve won soooo many auctions with this program and I walked away with the CD for under.25 cents. Yes, you might lose sometimes but who cares. That same CD is somewhere else on eBay for you to bid on.

Another great benefit of eBay is that people sell their iTunes, Amazon, Best Buy and Target gift cards. You can bid on those gift cards for a lot less than face value and save a lot of money on buying music. Again, I would use Gixen.com.

You can also search Craigslist.com for people trying to sell their gift cards for cash. I’ve seen some on there as well.

6. Buy music at the band’s concert. This is probably the most beneficial to all parties. You can buy a cheaper priced CD, help the band, help the label and do it all legally. Everyone wins! Hell, if you play your cards right, you can flirt your way to a free CD.

7. Start your own music blog. That’s right. Start a legitimate music blog and email labels to get on their press list. Before you know it, you’ll have a desk overflowing with free CDs and other materials from labels. The record label will do their research to see if you have a legit site but you actually don’t have to have many visitors. I’ve seen sites with less than 200 visitors a month get promo CDs. Why? The labels don’t really pay for all those free promo CDs – the bands do. It’s a part of most band’s contracts (even if they don’t know it).

But one thing I DO NOT suggest you do is sell those promo CDs online or to independent record stores. Even though it is legal to do so, you will burn bridges and it won’t look good. Keep your promo CDs for yourself and never sell them anywhere. Also, some of those promo CDs are watermarked which means that CD can be traced back to you! If it gets all over the internet because you loaned it out or sold it, you’re in trouble with the law.

8. Buy CDs directly off the band’s website. This is another way to benefit everyone involved and buy lower priced CDs. The only thing you have to worry about is shipping so buy the MP3 download off the band’s website.

There you have it. I’ve used all the methods above and continue to. Enjoy!

Top 23 Free Music Streaming Online Sites

Music is life. It inspires, elevates, changes moods and has the power to bring out the best in us. Without music, the world would make not very much meaning. There are many ways to access and listen to music, especially in the modern world.

Advancement in technology has made it very easy for us to access music on the go, online, via different mediums like smartphones, tablets, and mobile phones. If you want to enjoy unlimited access to great music that will cost you no money, here are the top 23 sites.


With over 20 million song options, there is hardly any site that can beat Spotify when it comes to delivering quality music to the masses free. Users can open the site and listen to any music on their desktop, laptop, tablet and Apple devices.

iHeart Radio

This site is about one of the best online music site that does not have any paid subscription options whatsoever. With over 18 million songs, 4,500 artists and 1,500 live radio, this site offer the best options for all types of music lovers.

The Sixty One

If you are one of those people that believe that there are great songs that are unpopular, you would love this free music streaming site. They select great songs that have not been heard and put them in the limelight.


This free music sharing and streaming site offer something unique that benefits both the artist and the users. Artists can post their songs, while users can listen to the songs, add comments and support the songs.


This site offers music lovers the opportunity to search for thousands of music in different genre and categories, play the songs or play a collection of songs altogether. It is an excellent place to discover great music.


There are very few online sites that can offer users the opportunity to find great music, talented artists and exceptional bands than Last.fm. Users can also use the website’s radio option to locate fresh music.


This site is like an online radio station where you can find different types of songs, but with a little difference. During sign up, users are made to provide details of their favorite music genre, and Pandora will automatically forward them songs that relate to their interest.

iTunes Radio

Apple’s premier online music streaming channel needs no introduction. Users are given access to over 25 million songs; they can play on their Mac and other iOS devices. The site updates every day with great new songs.


Step into the world of unlimited music with SoundCloud collection of music supplied by the most creative talents on the planet. The site’s uniqueness is attributed to its unique features, compatibility, and ability to share on social media.


The RDIO model offers music lovers something extra unique among other sites. Users can listen to their favorite song or album, create a playlist, and listen to songs on multiple platforms like Android, Windows, and iOS.

Slacker Radio

Listen to all your favorite songs without any need to download on the Slacker Radio Platform. Users have access to more than 10 million songs they can play at any time and any day.


Listen to songs, find talented bands, get music information, all free at the Di.fm online music streaming site. It is loaded with cool features that enable you to choose songs based on categories like years of releases and genre.


There are very few free online music streaming sites that can beat Grooveshark. Users are given the opportunity to explore cool features like unlimited streaming, social integration, folders and music selection options.

YouTube Disco

Although not very well known, this website offer users with the opportunity to search songs and playlists. You can also find your favorite artists, and use it online without any need for downloading.

Amazon Cloud play

With this free online streaming platform, music lovers can upload the playlist they already have and listen to them at any time. Also, when you purchase any songs on the Amazon, cloudplay automatically adds it to your playlist.


This search engine offers something unique for music lovers. With TubeRadio, users can search for any songs and will be presented with a list they can choose. The site relies on YouTube to find and display the songs you’re searching.


Internet radio is a phenomenon and live 365 has come to make the magic even more realistic. The website allows users to find online radio where they can listen to their favorite songs, from different parts of the world.


The playlist has gone to another level thanks to 8track’s innovative style. Anyone can sign up on the site, select eight tracks and share it. If you like the playlist, you can follow the creator or further share it on social media.


Jelli offers music listeners the power to upvote and downvote a song they have listened. This way, the site owners will know which songs they should play more often and which ones they should eliminate.


The social media site turn online music streaming site has been around for years. You can listen to songs from your favorite artists, or local artists, which are available in a huge selection on the website.


Mood-based playlist is becoming more and more popular because they offer a unique way. Songs are tagged together into a playlist based on the mood they express. Users can find the generated playlist and skip as they wish to listen to songs.


This site is another unique free music streaming site that strives to immerse users into a community. Anyone can sign up and join a room where a DJ plays songs based on their choice. If there is a vacant DJ spot, you can take it and serve others.


While other online music streaming sound focus on the global audience, CitySound tries to focus on local content. Users can find their favorite music which comes from or are reigning in a particular location or city.

Music Downloading – Legal, Legit and Fun

Music downloading is here to stay, it’s legit, it’s legal, and everyone is doing it. The internet is a disruptive technology, and music downloading was the first real poster child for all that disruptive behavior. Apart from a few unmentionable topics, music was and still is one of the biggest looked for and downloaded items on the internet. And just as well it should be. It makes perfect sense. It fits, it’s convenient, it better for the artists, and in the long run, better for the consumer. The only guy it’s not great for, is the big money middle men. But hey, they had their chance and blew it. More on that later.

Long Live The Nobodies

Indies are the heart and soul of the music world. At one point in time every musician was an indie looking for their big break. They did what they did for the love of their art. Because it felt good. Along the way some found their big break, lost their soul, and sold out. You know the ones. Their the ones whose first big album was great, and all the rest sucked. Some got their big break, and stayed true to their art, and kept their soul. They just keep cranking out great music for years on end. The internet loves indies. It’s the great equalizer. Any artist can have an online presence, promote their music to an audience of millions, and let consumers download their music to their hearts content.. They don’t need mister megabucks-big-corporate-middle-guy. And boy is the old middle guy worried.

Napster vs The Big Boys

A few years ago, Napster started off as the music bad boy of the online world. Breaking all the rules (what rules?) and trash talking the big boys with one of the largest grass root movements ever seen. Everybody and their hamster was downloading free music, and there was nothing anyone could do. Until . . . the big boys took those trash talking music computer geeks to see the judge. And hey, the big boys won, Napster lost. Actually, nobody really won. The consumer lost, cause now they had to drive to the mall to get their music. Napster was put out of business (temporarily). Even the big boys lost, cause now there were a hundred little napsters doing the exact same thing, plus they let the best tech available for music downloads slip out of their fingers, instead of using it as their own distribution channel. Bad bad bad big boys.

Download Me Now . . . Please

Now everyone wants you to download their music. iTunes, Amazon, Cnet, Cousin Eddy . . . everyone. Even Napster, is back in the music download music. Pay for and legit of course. The big boys are still worried. The indies are on the rise, and I don’t have to drive to the mall to get my favorite music. Lucky me.

Welcome To My Future – The Musical

Things are only gonna get better. As the internet gets bigger and faster, their will be more choice and convenience for music consumers, more artists will be able to make a decent living, and the latest collection of blond bimbo divas with their boy band boyfriends will only be a footnote amongst the praise being leveled on the rising wave of talented and genuinely artistic indie stars. Of course someones gotta lose in this whole new paradigm. Here’s hoping it’s mister fat-cat-do-nothin record promoter that’s been relegated to selling the best in new wave vacum cleaners to my inlaws.

iTunes Media Player Advantages – Part 1

The iTunes player is the best application that will keep all your digital media files nicely organized. Moreover, you can definitely forget about the hundreds of CD’s scattered all throughout the place, because with iTunes all your music is in one place, and it is very easy to spot out your favorite artist, album or song. You may already be acquainted with the scenario of the pile of CD’s lying on your desk, and you looking for an artist or an album, and not being able to find it. All these problems are gone now! Moreover, thanks to the free iTunes codes that you can win online you can constantly enrich your musical library.

Every time you download a musical video from iTunes, which will immediately be added to your iTunes library. The application comes with a smart “search field” where you just need to type in the name of the album, or artist and you can instantly listen to the music that you want. Then, if you keep in touch with what is going on the Apple homepage, you can easily win free iTunes gift card codes that may have values starting from as low as $5 and up to $30 or even more. You can basically use this credit to import even more music for free from iTunes right into your application.

Here are some more extra advantages:

• With the help of Cover Flow browsing is made easier than ever. The covers of all your digital media albums will start shuffling before your eyes, and when you spot out something that you want to listen to, you simply push the play button. This is your musical library completely digitalized, offering you a new experience to browsing your CD’s.

• The app also comes with what is called Grid View- similar to what is “view icons list” in the Windows panel. You will see a list of thumbnails of all your covers/ albums; all you need to do is pick out the one that you want. The more the free iTunes codes that you can get your hands on, the greater the number of your albums will be, and of course the more the money that you can save!

• Then, you also have the “Album list view” option, which will display nicely all your albums with all the corresponding tracks and other details displayed (track length, name, etc.).

Enjoy all these advantages that iTunes Media player offers you!