Legal Music Downloads are Here to Stay

There are mainly two kinds of music download services online. There’s the services that allow you to buy tracks you can download and then there are subscription services that let you listen to full tracks online in return for a monthly subscription fee. Some do both.


Pretty straight forward service that lets you purchase tracks to download. Last time I checked, they were offering music downloads for 88 cents per download and let you choose from over 800,000 songs in their catalog. They also have a service where they let you choose up to 20 tracks from about 500,000 songs, burn them to CD and then ship you the CD.

They are the only service in the four mentioned in this article that allow you to view and purchase music from their catalog without having to download some kind of player to your local computer. All you need is Internet Explorer., the Grand Dad of revolution

Owned by Apple, Itunes was responsible for really kicking off the music download service industry in a big way. They were the first ones to offer the ability to legitimately pay only 99 cents for a track.

Their music catalog includes over 2,000,000+ songs, more than any other service, over 3000+ music videos, tv shows, 20,000+ podcasts, 16,000+ audiobooks and more. As you can see, they are more than simply a music store but instead offer a whole range of multimedia downloads and options.

One small drawback to their service is that you have to download and install their player which at last count was over 34MB in size before you can use their service. in contrast allows you to browse and purchase music entirely from within Internet Explorer.

Napster from pirate to megastar

Napster offers you unlimited access to 1,500,000+ songs.You can listen to an unlimited amount of music each month. You get over 50 commercial free and interactive radio stations. You can discover what other people are listening to with easy to use sharing features allowing you to swap songs with other Napster members.

Napster also allows you to burn the tracks you buy to CD and listen to them wherever you go. Napster offers a 7 day free trial of their subscription service.

Rhapsody, Real’s music juggernaut

Rhapsody is a service that is owned by Real. With Rhapsody you get unlimited access to over 1,500,000+songs, complete music jukebox software to manage your entire collection, and over 80 ad-free radio stations. They also allow you to create and share your playlists (a standard feature among most online music services.) You can even watch music videos and see pictures of the artists from your favorite band.

Rhapsody includes a free 14-day trial of Rhapsody Unlimited. If you don’t own a credit card, they have a service they call Rhapsody – FREE where you can listen to hours of free music every month. Besides these subscription type services, you can also purchase music downloads from their RealPlayer Music Store. They have over 1,000,000 songs that are ready for purchase.

So which service is right for you? I would suggest you give each of them a try. All of them let you listen to short clips of the music before buying and the subscription services have free trials. You can’t lose.

iTunes Organizer For Automatic Music Management

Have you ever desired to organize your music library in an automatic manner? Yes, you may have longed for such wonderful opportunities. ITunes organizing software is all you need to achieve that aim. It’s a wonderful software application that is used in proper music file management and organization.

The Pros of the ITunes Organizer

There’s no need to over flog the obvious truth. ITunes organizer is now available for all. Although the software is not for free, you have to pay some little cash to have it downloaded on your system, still yet, you’re sure of getting adequate values for your money. Let’s examine the pros of this wonderful software.

1. It saves you Time

Oftentimes, when you download music files from multiple music sites, you may try as much as you can to organize them well in your library. This is sure to take you days. However, if you have a good iTunes organizer, you can accomplish the management task in a matter of minutes.It comes with unique features that can help you organize your music files within minutes. All you need is to make sure you have a good and highly configured system. You also need a fast internet connection to enjoy the software.

2. It’s 100% automatic

ITunes organizer is 100% automatic in the way it carries out every task. You can always rely on the software to complete any desired task in a timely fashion. No typing is actually required. Only proper observation is needed. You simply engage in a few clicks and the job is done.

3. Efficient Music Library Management
It can effectively manage your music library according to your preference. If you’re constantly in the habit of downloading and adding songs from multiple sources, you really need to install the iTunes organizer. It manages all the music files you download. It can remove found duplicates, and also fix misspelled song details. All these functions are usually carried out after a thorough scan of your music library.

3. It adds missing Song details and album Network

It helps a lot in adding missing song details and missing album network. This is usually accomplished after a proper scan is successfully completed. It locates the missing details and equally adds them within minutes. More so, the software also fills in music genres, the artists and the years involved.

Indeed, there are lots of other tasks It can help you accomplish. If you enjoy constant music downloads, the software can successful link you to music iTunes store from where you can easily download all kinds of music. You only need to have a fast internet connection.

Listen to Free Music Online!

A new cool music application that has been attracting music fans in places like United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Italy, France, Sweden and Spain. It gives you to access a vast music library for free. It is a legitimate application. All you need to do is download the music application to your computer. It is a free application. It can be installed on Windows and Mac computers without any issue. Unlike Pandora and iTunes, the new online music player allows you to listen to the music easily. Through it, you can search and browse across various artist, genre and song to listen to your favorite songs. It allows you to play random songs according to different categories like Alternative, Soul, Country, etc. You can also create your own playlist and listen to your favorite collections of music. The playlists can be saved and accessed anytime. You do not need to download songs to your computer. Get online and get instant access to songs you want to listen.

You can easily navigate and use the features of the new online music player. For instance, if you want to listen to a song ‘My heart will go on’ from the movie Titanic, all you need to do is search for the song and all the songs from the movie/album will be in front of you. You can play the song you would like to listen without even buying the album or downloading the songs to your computer. If you are someone who loves to buy music album then such an online music player is just the thing for you. You can listen to the whole album for free and then you can decide to buy it or not. That’s why; the users can listen to the songs for free! Even though you have an internet speed of 512k, you can stream and listen with ease. Some people who have got 256k speed of internet had no problems enjoying songs on it. It instantly plays the song and does not stop while buffering. Do not worry about the clarity of songs, it is just outstanding!

The URLs of this music player are URLs of songs or playlists that you listen on this music player. You can share the URL links with other your friends who use the same music player and even they can have access to your song playlist. Sharing playlist can be done through email or sending the link through instant messaging window. When the user clicks on the link, it will open the music application and play the songs from the shared playlist. Now, you can easily share and listen to music with your friends. The ‘Search’ feature of this player is so powerful that the moment you search with a keyword like ‘Jackson’, you will immediately see a categorized list of artists, albums and tracks matching your search keyword. Here, when you click on any song, album or artist, it not only allows you to play the song but also get good information about the album or the artist. When you have instant access to songs through such an online music player, who would like to go through the hassles of downloading songs to your computer and organizing them? Download the music player today and enjoy free music right away.

The Downside of iTunes MP3 Players

iTunes mp3 players are a wonderful addition to someone’s electronic device stash, but they will only play a certain authorized musical format, and if a person has anything other than an iPod, they may be out of luck in using the music they purchased.

What can a person do if they have bought these forms of music for their computer, but have something other than an iPod for a portable mp3 player? Answers are available if one only takes the time to look and not get too frustrated with Apple.

Many may ask why their iTunes mp3 players need to say iPod in order for them to work with music they have purchased. iTunes are protected because of the DRM or Digital Rights Management.

This group was created to ensure that musical piracy was hopefully stopped. The only problem with this is that when a person purchases iTunes for their computer and tries to transfer to a player brand other than an iPod the transfer fails. Many people do not realize this is an issue until it is too late.

Although these players are limited to just iPods, ways do exist to get around this road block. An easy method is to burn the tracks onto a CD.

Then an individual can open the CD in iTunes and the Convert Selection to MP3 option will allow a person to do whatever they wish with the music. What must be remembered is that when burning the CD, a person should burn an audio CD and not a data CD.

A data CD can keep a person from importing tracks from the CD. The only problem with this method is that a person will have two copies of their tracks. But, if one is persistent, then they can be assured that their efforts to make their iTunes mp3 players compatible will not go wasted.

However difficult this may seem to convert iTunes mp3 players music to use in any portable mp3 players system another way does exist to ensure that a person can listen to their purchased music without the use of an iPod.

Software exists to help one who has a huge amount of music on their computer to convert. Types of software such as NoteBurner or CD Emulator can help. Another brand of software is JHymn, and it can help a person to make sure their fair-use rights under copyright laws will help free the iTunes that a person has from the restrictions of the DRM.

The Apple iPod ones are a great asset to have for the iTunes mp3 players that they operate with. However, a person who has anything other than an iPod can be out of luck in a hurry.

If one is not aware of what they are doing, iTunes can be purchased with the intent of transforming them onto a portable mp3 player. But, this is not the case, and one can spend a ton of money on something they cannot use in the future if they do not do through research.