Transferring Music to Your iPod

Many people have heard so much about the iPod and buy one with great enthusiasm only to get home and not know how to transfer music to their new iPod. In this article, we will take you through the steps of putting music on your new iPod.

iPods come in a variety of types and the first thing that we need to do is physically connect the iPod to our computer. Depending on which iPod you have–the Touch, Classic, Nano, or Shuffle–the connection will be pretty much the same.

We will be connecting our iPod up to our computer via the USB port in our computer. However, in most situations, we do not do this directly (except with the old iPod Shuffle). There is an intermediary and this intermediary is in the form of a cable.

Thus, we are going to connect one end of this cable to our iPod and the other end of this cable into our USB port. How do we know which end to plug in to our iPod versus which end to plug into our computer? We are going to use common sense because each end will only fit into one place.

Basically, your iPod just has a couple of inputs. One of them is for the headphones (this is not it) and the other is for the connection to the PC. This is usually found on the bottom of your iPod. The other end, the USB end, can plug into any free USB port on your computer.

Now, your system will recognize that it has a new device connected but you are not yet ready to transfer music to your iPod. Why not?

Well, you need the appropriate software installed to put music on your iPod. This software is called iTunes. Surprisingly, many people ask, “How Can I Get Free iTunes For My iPod” when the reality is that iTunes is a free program.

iTunes is made by Apple computer and is made just for iPods, which are always among the best MP3 players. Thus, you have made a wise decision with your purchase. You will want to download and install iTunes form Apple’s website.

When you install iTunes, make sure that your iPod is connected to your PC and then, after iTunes installs, it will recognize your new iPod.

At this point, you need to tell iTunes where your music is located. If it is already on your computer in the form of MP3, you can tell iTunes where it is by choosing the File, Add Folder to library choice. This folder will be the folder that contains the music on your computer. If all of your music is on CD, you can place the CDs into your computer and it will automatically transfer them to MP3 form. If you have no music, then simply click on the “iTunes Store” and you can buy virtually any music that was ever made.

Once you have your music set up in iTunes, there is just one more simple step–putting the music that’s on your computer into your iPod. In iTunes, the left side of your screen has a “devices” choice where you will see your iPod. By selecting this choice, you will see a new window appear in the right hand side that allows you to “Sync” your music. Thus, you will want to choose the items that you want to synch with your iPod first and then click the synch button.

Depending on your iPod make and model, you will be able to transfer not only music, but photos, movies, and TV shows as well.

You have made a great choice getting an iPod and, after tinkering a bit with iTunes, you will easily learn how to put music onto an iPod.